Part 1: The Idea

It was 2019 and three buddies, all experienced in investment properties and new development construction, were venting frustration over many inefficiencies in the construction industry. We were dissatisfied with the available vendors in our market, the quality of work performed, delays in project completion, etc. And if you wanted to develop any property, it was mentally defeating if you did not have any experience in how the development process worked. We new many individuals that wanted to develop their properties or empty land but never started the process because it was a daunting task.

The idea was formed that we should put our skills together to form a company that could service clients. We could have better control over repairs and renovations ensuring high quality work and reasonable pricing. We could form a development team that could guide clients, and even take lead on projects, to help develop their properties with a focus on much needed workforce housing. With our experience in property management, construction development and real estate sales we knew we had the team to solve this problem.

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Our Founders

From Left to Right:
Marc Guzman, Brian Baniqued, Peter Rosenthal.
Photo taken at the International Builder's Show. Each founder brings a unique set of skills to help our clients achieve the maximum value of their properties.

Our Projects

Part 2: RCC is Born

RCC Residential Care and Construction was born. We underestimated the need for our services because we were quickly engaged to handle several new ground-up development projects. The local community hired us to renovate their homes and property management companies hired us to handle their common rental repairs and maintenance. It was a great success for RCC from the start but we came to realize how many other people were experiencing the same issues we were.

A significant benefit we have is our partnership with our sister companies: BG Asset Management (Property Management), BCRE (Real Estate Sales), Buzzer9 Development (Luxury Home Development) and DG Bookkeeping (Bookkeeping and Consulting). These partnerships give us insight into the daily frustrations of various industries that utilize construction services. We have been able to take this knowledge, face the challenges head on and provide real solutions for clients.

Part 3: Property Management Integration

The next step of our journey is our integration into the property management industry. With clients using Appfolio Property Management software, RCC is able to integrate into the Landlord or Property Management Company's operations. RCC handles maintenance coordinating, eliminating the need for staffing and allows clients to tap into our vast network of vendors.